Get to Know the Assi River


Once the primary river of the Levant region, this long and winding waterway’s source is in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon and winds down through Syria and Turkey. What makes this river so special is that, unlike all the other rivers in the region, the water flows from the south and makes its way up north. Because of this unique trait, people in the region changed its name from ‘Axius’ to ‘Assi’ which means ‘rebel’; the river has also been called Draco, Typhon, and now is also known as the Orontes River. 

Get to know Lebanon and this name-changing river even better by joining in on a camping and water adventure with Rafting Club.

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-Tents: Each one has the capacity of 2, 3 and 6 persons.

- Bungalows: with balconies and river view, 4, 6 and 8 persons.

- chalets: with balconies and river view, 2, 3 and 4  persons.

- Separated bathroom, dress room and shower.

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Full Package (Lodge, Rafting, 3 Meals,bonfire,DJ) 



Rafting+ Lunch




Transport from Beirut to crazyrafting club at  Hermel (2 way) :

- 22 person up to 30 person  only 15$

- 30 person up to to 50 person  only 12$